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24/7 Fire Rated Door Services

The trained service technicians here at at a24Hour National are ready to meet your needs by installing expertly crafted hollow metal and steel fire doors. We install internal and external fire doors, whether you need a whole fire door system installed or just a small repair, we are your guy. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fix or replace internal and external wooden and metal fire doors for commercial, residential and industrial clients throughout your neignborhood.

Our company is able to repair hollow metal, steel entry and fire doors. We’re also able to fix and install ADA Compliant handicap doors, plus keyless or wireless access gates and doors. Our company is licensed, insured, and led by over 30 years door repair experience with hollow metal and wooden fire doors. So when you hire us, you can get peace of mind that the work will be done correctly, and with respect for your property.

We can fix doors at schools, hospitals and all large commercial and residential buildings. We can also install fire rated doors for specific industries with different needs and regulations to comply with. We are experts when it comes to fire doors and have been installing them at a business near you for over thirty years. Our clients in New York, Philadelphia and Cincinnati have been putting their trust in us for complete commercial door services and have never been disappointed, so why take risks with inexperienced companies, call the experts today!


We’re able to repair, replace and install: internal, external, wooden, metal, and any other fire doors. But unlike some repair companies, our fleet of service trucks are stocked with common replacement parts for fire doors. This means that most repairs can be finished on our very first visit, sometimes in less than an hour. So we’ll be able to get the job finished quickly, and get you back on schedule as soon as possible. And with the work done correctly, we’ll give you peace of mind for your property and visitors.


Hollow metal doors are perfect for school entrances, warehouses, buildings for manufacturers, emergency exits, courtrooms, office buildings, apartments, military installations, airports, and hotels. A24Hour are the hollow metal fire door experts, why take a chance with an inexperienced company, we have been providing fire door service to your city for more than thirty years!


And much more for businesses, homes, and industrial facilities. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact us today for a free quote, and then find out for yourself why we’re such a trusted name in fire door repair and installation.

Emergency? Don’t take Risks; Call the Experts Now at 1-800-884-4440.

We’ve been in the business of fixing fire doors for more than three decades. So when you hire us, you benefit from years of fire door repair knowledge and experience. Get the peace of mind you deserve, call us now or just fill out the contact form on this page for a free estimate on our fire door services.

Hollow metal and steel doors are popular because they’re:

Durable to save you money on future repairs
Resistant to heat to create a safe work environment
Meet fire, FEMA and STC requirements
Provide added security where needed
Long lasting and easy to maintain

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