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Are you a business or home owner with a sharp opinion about security? Are you in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, or Buffalo? You might want to know a thing or two about the best commercial glass service provider in these areas and their surrounding regions. It’s about A 24 Hour Door National, and it’s all good news.

First off, A 24 Hour Door National is an established entity offering installation, repair, and replacement services for high quality commercial glass. In that sense, you might also want to know more about our services and how we can be of help to you and your property.


We Repair Faulty Storefront Glass

If you’re a smart businessperson, it’s fairly likely that your business premises has a storefront glass door or glass display installations that you would really like to keep intact. However, if anything happens to that glass, you can always call us up and get it repaired soonest possible. Our fast technicians make sure to fix your glass problem quickly and get your business back to running as usual in the shortest time possible. Also, you never have to worry about the type of glass you have. Our professionals are experts in repairing various types of glass including safety glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass – among others.

We Help You Protect Your Business With Commercial Laminated Glass

If you have a business, the last thing you want is for a burglar to force their way in, and that’s why you need to make sure that the storefront glass is strong enough to withstand impact. We provide customized laminated glass that doesn’t shatter on impact. You need that kind of protection for your business.

Installing Commercial Safety Glass

The main purpose of installing safety glass is to improve safety by making the glass stronger and tougher so it doesn’t break easily or injure anyone in case it’s broken. To achieve this quality, our safety glass is made out of a combination of wired glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and engraved glass.

At A 24 Hour Door National, we produce tested and approved high quality safety glass that serves both homes and businesses. When you call us, our job is quick and precise. We know exactly what you need.


A 24 Hour National Installs Strong Commercial Tempered Glass

Although it’s not the strongest glass type in our collection, the tempered glass breaks into small, harmless pieces instead of big, edgy shards when shattered, meaning that it prevents injury to the people around. However, it’s fair to note that tempered glass is actually stronger and tougher than regular glass.
A secure business or home brings peace of mind, and everyone needs that. A 24 Hour Door National boasts decades of expertise in installation, repair, and replacement of commercial glass. Our technicians, with fully stocked and ready trucks full of spare parts, are always available to attend to your needs any time of day or night. Also, you get a free cost estimate when you inquire for our services. All you have to do is give us a call.



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