Slide & Rolling Gates Repair & Installation

We install and repair all types of gates and grills for homes and businesses. Give us a call!

Finding The Most Efficient Slide & Rolling Gates Service

You can never be one hundred percent safe, but at least you can try! Well, it all starts with the entrance to your business: Your rolling or sliding gate securing your storefront.
Safety is important for both individuals and property, and whoever is tasked with enforcing it should have that in mind. That said, it’s entities like A 24 Hour Door Repair that can help you meet your gate security needs. A 24 Hour Door Repair is insured and licensed. We are experts in the installation of expertly crafted sliding and rolling security gates. We are vastly knowledgeable about all types of security gates and have trained technicians qualified in handling the repair or installation of overhead retractable doors and roll down gates too.

Mall Sliding & Rolling Security Gates

In a large retail atmosphere, it is important keep your store safe, but also make sure customers know where to find you. A Mall security gate is the perfect medium between security and visibility. We repair and replace rolling security gates, manual rolling gates and all of their other parts and features. This includes sensors, remote control receivers, motors, springs, locks and much more. Before you start shopping for a new security gate give us a call, most repairs can be made immediately while saving you time and money. We understand that your business needs to be up and running quickly, give us a call today!

Driveway gates

Since our driveway gates are custom-made, we work with heavy gauge steel with a dipped paint finish process that ensures the gates will not only offer you the security and customizability you want but are also weather resistant and durable. The final product driveway gate is solar powered and paired with an optional lift master inbuilt with the latest technologies in arm gate opener.

Security Shutter Gates

Our shutter gates are made of steel rolling shutters that are motorized for the utmost convenience of usage and feature a wind lock retention system for added security.

Security Scissors Gates

These are made of galvanized steel and offer track and folding features making them very strong. They are maintenance free, rust resistance and can stand any weather.

We Are Customer-Centered

Your vision is ours to fulfill. Different customers have different needs, and so we work with exact clients needs. Whether you want your gate repaired, replaced or installed, your wish is our command.

We also make efforts to work within your proposed budget, ensuring that you receive quality without breaking the bank. At A 24Hour Door Repair, we understand the huge value attached to excellent service delivery. To us, a happy client is a mission accomplished.

A 24 Hour Door National Van stock with supplies

Our Experience And Expertise Is Unrivalled

Our workers are not only professionally trained but can also handle a variety of tasks. They can repair, replace or install all types of broken gates including grill springs, broken or bent rollers, missing panels, noisy operators, and any other gate-related issues.

Also, we don’t show up at your premises to waste your time. Our professionals get down to work immediately on arrival, and that makes it possible to solve your problem within a short time and get you back on your daily schedule.

We Like Being Available

As an entity that’s been in business for decades, A 24 Hour Door National understand that technical issues have no timing – they can happen any time of day or night. That’s why we have we have a 24/7 active contact number and a ready team to attend to you any time you call on us.

Our fleet of service trucks is always stocked with common replacement parts, which means we get to spend less time attending to your emergencies. All you have to do is make a simple call, and we’ll be there.

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