ADA Handicap Door Operators Repair, Replace & Installation

We Install, Replace & Service ADA (American Disabilities Act) Automatic Handicap Doors.

Professional Services

Whether you’re looking for a new, fresh, clean installation or repair of your ADA handicap exit door to meet the needs of your clients, customers, and tenants… relying on A 24 Hour Door Repair is YOUR BEST CHOICE!! Our service technicians are AADM certified (American Association of Automatic Doors Manufacturers).

In the age of advanced technology people have embraced things like automatic doors and other premises entry mechanisms. However, it’s only logical that these types of doors need specialized service providers for repair, installation, and replacement.

A 24 Hour Door Repair are service experts at the installation and repair of electric door releases, handicap push buttons, motorized door openers, handicap door buttons, swing door operators, and related hardware. We install the best handicap door openers and parts available for the disabled. Call us 24/7 for all your emergency handicap door repairs and installations.

A 24 Hour Door Technician Repairing the electronics on an automatic door

Our AAADM certified technician on site repairing an ADA electronic motorized handicap door operator.

Who Do We Serve?

A 24 Hour Door National is an entity with a good name in the service industry. We deal in the repair, replacement, and installation of handicap and automatic doors. We service a large customer base, including schools, businesses, industrial premises, day care centers, hospitals, retail stores, and retirement homes.

We are experts at the installation and repair of push button door openers, ADA automatic doors, swing operators, power door openers, ADA door openers, automatic swing doors, and automatic swing door 0perators, and handicap wheelchair accessible doors.

When you call A 24 Hour Door Repair to fix or install your ADA compliant automatic handicap door for the disabled, you don’t have to worry about where to get the parts needed. Our technicians and trucks are stocked and ready to respond to your automatic handicap accessible door emergency! Call us for fast, expert service, 24 Hours a day and seven days a week!

Handicap Door Operator

Our Automatic Handicap Door Repair & Installation

First off, you need to keep in mind that A 24 Hour Door National provides ADA compliant handicap door services on a 24-hour basis, so your business doesn’t doesn’t have to worry about experiencing emergencies at odd hours of the day or night. We’re always available. We’re a licensed and insured service provider. Also, our technicians are AAADM certified (American Association of Automatic Doors Manufacturers).

Our experts are well-trained and qualified to provide various handicap door repair services, including installation, repair, or replacement of handicap door openers, automatic doors, new entrances, push-button doors, keyless doors, wireless access gates and doors, and many others. We are also familiar with many door brands like Ditech, Norton, LCN, Hager, Entrematic, Hunter, and NABCO. Whatever the electric handicap door repair or installation may be, A 24 Hour Door National repsonds 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Handicap Door Operator

Why Choose Us?

A 24 Hour Door National has been in the industry for over 3 decades and our team of experts are trained on on-the-job etiquette and professionalism, so you can expect the best experience working with us. A 24 Hour Door is also know for speed and reliability when responding to service calls. When an ADA handicap door repair emergency arises, call a 24 Hour Door Repair for a fast, professional repair. Our technicians can solve your door problem within an hour of arriving at your premises.


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