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Metal Door Services – Installation & Repair Experts

The trained service technicians here at A 24 Hour Door National are ready to meet your needs by installing metal entry and exit doors. We carry every type Metal Emergency Exit Door including One Hour Rated Metal Doors, 90 Minute Rated Commercial Fire Doors, and Double Fire Doors! We will replace and install any internal and external commercial fire doors, whether you need a whole fire door system installed or just a small repair, we are the leading metal exit door experts in your area. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fix or replace internal and external wooden and metal fire doors for commercial, residential and industrial clients throughout your neighborhood. Our company is able to replace any type of hollow metal entry door including double doors. We also repair and replace dutch fire rated doors. We handle the repair and installation of every possible size commercial fire rated door. If you have broken glass in your metal door we are the company to call for immediate service. Are the hinges on your external fire rated door in need of replacement? Call A 24 Hour Door National for fast, reliable service. We’re also able to fix and install ADA Compliant handicap doors, plus keyless or wireless access gates and doors. Our company is licensed, insured, and led by over 30 years of door repair experience with hollow metal and wooden fire doors. So when you hire us, you can get peace of mind that the work will be done correctly, and with respect for your property. We will repair the door jam or any hardware on your metal fire rated door. Keep in mind, whether it’s a fire rated door for a local business or an industrial facility we install the properly rated fire metal door for your application.

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Fire Rated Commercial Door Service For Every Industry!

We can fix fire door emergency exits at schools, hospitals and all large commercial and residential buildings. We replace the broken glass in any hollow metal fire door or any commercial stainless steel fire rated door. If the metal exit door to your business needs repair or replacement we can replace it with the properly fire rated door for you needs. We can also install fire rated commercial doors for specific industries with unique needs and regulations to comply with. We are experts when it comes to hollow metal exit doors and have been installing them at a business near you for over thirty years. Our clients in Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati have been putting their trust in A 24 Hour Door National for complete commercial door services for over 30 years! Whether it’s 90 minute rated or a one hour rated fire door we can install and are available 24/7. Hollow metal doors are perfect for school entrances, warehouses, buildings for manufacturers, emergency exits, courtrooms, office buildings, apartments, military installations, airports, and hotels. A 24 Hour Door National is the leading hollow metal fire door expert in Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. Our expert commercial fire door repair and installation services makes us the best choice in your area! Call A 24 Hour Door National for emergeny exit door hardware replacement on any commercial fire rated steel door. Hollow steel and double fire door repairs and installation is our specialty!
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