Troubleshooting Handicap Door Opener Issues: Expert Solutions for Smooth Accessibility

Tim Hayes February 15, 2024

Is your handicap door opener malfunctioning? Is it obstructing convenience for both customers or employees?

A-24 Hour Door National is here to provide a few helpful tips:

Most handicap Door Operator issues can be quick fix. However, there are some handicap door problems that are a bit more complicated than simple reset/restart.

Here are some common issues of handicap door openers that require professional attention from A-24 Hour Door National:

Door Isn’t Closing All the Way

If your handicap door won’t close all the way, there might be a mechanical obstruction Such as door dragging, scrapping or bent hinges. water damage, transmitters, or blown fuses— basically, anything is possible. Finding what exactly is causing the problem is hard enough, and fixing it by yourself is even harder.

Save yourself the trouble and hire the professional door technicians at A-24 Hour Door National.

Sensor Isn’t Responding
If your touch-free sensors are suddenly not sensing people at the door and opening/closing— your sensor or transmitter might have a problem. Maybe both.

This results in a perpetually locked or open door. The batteries might be the culprit or even the breaker. Unless you actually open up the unit and check it’s unkown exactly what is the cause of the issue. But this problem is usually an urgent fix, and A-24 Hour Door National can find out the problem and repair it right away.

Powered On, Yet Still Not Working
If your door is powered on but still not functioning, we’ll take a look at the control board. From there we’ll see if any fuses have blown, and if not we’ll go deeper and take a look at the motor and gearbox.

To learn more about our what A-24 Hour Door National can do for you, call (800) 884-4440. We’ll diagnose your doors’ issue in depth once you contact us.

If you need more than simple troubleshooting for your handicap door opener, then A-24 Hour Door National is your goto resource. Contact A-24 Hour Door National for your commercial door repair needs today at (800) 884-4440 to schedule an appointment now!

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